Allison Rook writes sensual fantasy romance.

Stones of the Seven

Welcome to a series of standalone, low-heat fantasy romance in a world of indifferent gods. When death takes you to the empty realm between the mortal world and the land of the gods, you will likely not return. But if the gods take an interest in you, they might take a taste of your soul. If they like it, they’ll leave just enough of it, along with an echo of their power, and send you back to continue your changed life.

Seven Gods. Seven Powers. One chance to find love in a brutal world.

Book Three : Crystal of Memory

Half-elf Ashryn Brinell lives between two worlds. Fostered with her human cousin Carisa, she braves a gown and heels for her cousin’s arranged wedding to a captain of the duke’s guard. When the groom turns out to be the handsomest man she’s ever seen, she’s happy for her cousin. And when Carisa disappears on the night before the marriage, the only person who will help Ashryn search for her is the jilted guard captain himself.

Connor Black’s skill and courage have raised him to a trusted position in the duke’s private guard, but his true identity haunts him from a childhood plagued with the magic of his unstable parents. His fiance’s disappearance leads him and the fiery Ashryn into the dangerous world of an elf drug called Bliss. The trail points back to the place he swore he’d never return to: home.

Ashryn will stop at nothing to find her cousin. Connor is duty-bound to root out the source of the drugs that are sweeping through Concadia. As they fight their growing attraction, they uncover a sinister plot that threatens the peace between elves and humans, and their search for Carisa reveals the deadly power of magic in the hands of an obsessed man with nothing to lose.

Book Two: Dance of Dragons

Eryn Drysel’s clan lives in fear of the dragons that darken the sky. As her clan’s wise woman, she has forsaken the company of men to study herbs, healing, and lore. But when the dragonsworn decimate her people, she becomes a captive, claimed as property by a man whose bond to his dragon blinds him to the brutality of his fellow warriors. Now Eryn must find a way to survive in the hands of a barbarian.

Book One: Stone of War

When her sister is brutally murdered in a gray city far from their sun-drenched homeland, desperate Kalena steals the Stone of War from Concadia’s holy temple. Its power will grant her vengeance, if she can find the killers. Armed with the stolen gem, she runs afoul of a dangerous smuggling ring who will kill anyone that threatens their shady business.

Destin Staghart leads an elite team of peacekeepers for his father, the king of Concadia. The theft of a stone of power demands swift justice. Gifted with the magic of persuasion and intuition, he has no trouble finding the beautiful bandit. She should hang for the crime, but Destin’s heart stays his hand, and he hides his royal identity to help her avenge the killing.

Together they will face unknown dangers in a hostile city. The Stone of War will protect Kalena in battle. But nothing will protect her from falling for the dark stranger whose help may come at the cost of her life.

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